We grow hydrangeas

SINCE 1978

De Jong Plant B.V.

De Jong Plant B.V. has been specializing in the cultivation and development of hydrangea since 1988. We also supply other species such as Lavatera, Malva, Paeonia and Syringa. Our company of 12 hectares with experienced personnel, both national and international customers and an always evolving product line has developed into a professional company within ornamental horticulture.

Now, with more than 40 years of experience, we are a professional company with ornamental plants of the highest quality.


A family grown business

We feel it is our job to offer ​you the best quality plants. We run this every day with a professional and highly evolved team.


We offer challenges and opportunities for every individual. One thing we have all in common; our passion for plants!

Would you like to meet us? We're happy to show you our great people, strong brands and nursery.


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Black Diamonds Dark Angel Rood Potcover.
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Proudly produced

Our plant brands are famous domestically and abroad. We deliver specialists, garden centres, online retailers and wholesalers. 

We work closely with growers and breeders to ensure we only provide the best quality hydrangeas and other plant varieties. 

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Grown with passion

Since De Jong Plant B.V. has started, we have continued to stay innovative in the area of mechanization, processing and high-quality products. 


Our company is MPS A, MPS Gap and MPS SQ certified, ensuring compliance with the demands of the horticultural sector in the areas of safety, working standards, crop protection and  environment.

Every year we set new goals on sustainability and on a social level.  


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Together we're stronger

De Jong Plant B.V. supplies orders of any size and abides by the wishes of the customer. Our customers include international wholesale businesses, export companies, drivers on regular (floral) delivery routes, horticulturalists, garden centres and construction markets.

In our nurseries, we're growing a wide range of high-quality products for every customer interested in the total package. 


Make your business succesful

At the Jong Plant B.V., we grow the most famous and successful Hydrangea plant brands. We provide marketing materials such as POS materials, brand stories,  product- and inspiration pictures to make the business success with our product range. 

All of our products are displayed in our special (online) brochures. Take a look at our special online program and select the Hydrangea products which suits your business.

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To stimulate your business with our Hydrangeas, every year we shoot new photography of our plant collections and brands.

Within a few weeks, we'll inspire you with our new images. We'll keep you posted on our Social Media channels, or take a look at our Images website.

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New introductions to our successful Royalty® line.

The Royalty® Collection is the perfect hydrangea in which various species are represented. These varieties have earned their place in this brand collection because they are special and flower generously. You can find them on the special Royalty website.

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Did you know that we update our product pictures weekly at Floriday. ​

This makes it easy for you and your customers to check our plant quality and status of growth.