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The farmer hydrangea perhaps is the most popular garden and patio plant. The sphere shaped flowers provide colour for months and remain beautiful for a long time by slowly wilting. Although Hydrangea Macrophylla normally blooms on perennial wood, there is also a farmer hydrangea that produces beautiful flowers on annuals. 


The specific qualities of Forever & Ever® and the sustainable way in which it is grown appeal to more and more retailers and consumers. If selected plants have passed a test phase of several years, they will receive the designation Forever & Ever®. This makes it a collection of always the latest hydrangeas that bloom on annual wood.

The properties of Forever & Ever®

• Blooms on annual and perennial wood

• Free from care. Pruning is not necessary. If it’s still likable, February is the best time

• Winter hardiness

• Bloom type: huge, round, sphereshaped flowers

• Bloeiperiode: from spring till autumn (untill the first frost)

• Maximum height: 90 cm

• Suitable for landscaping, containers, balcony and terrace

• Available in red, white, blue, purple and pink

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