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Magical® Hydrangea

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Bring nature’s vitality into your home and garden.

Magical®  robust plants produce flowers whose exhilarating colours continue to change throughout their months-long blooming period. Connecting you with nature’s magic.


Colours that keep changing

Daylight changes the colours of the Magical hydrangea flowers.The bright shades gradually take on a romantic, autumnal glow of dark red or grey green. During a flowering season of 150 days, the flowers can display three to four shades of colour.


Hydrangea: delicate and hardy 

Magical® hydrangeas have a gentle appearance, but they are robust and hardy. They flower for a very long time and their strong branches can withstand the wind and cold. In case of severe night frost, cover garden hydrangeas with a fleece cloth and fresh buds will appear by themselves after the winter. The Magical® plants stay upright during heavy rain showers, and are guaranteed to attract attention.

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